Golden Side Of The Tracks

Zebra Lounge

Overtown hosted many nightclubs that offered great entertainment.

Oldest Overtown church

Mt. Zion Church was one of Overtown’s oldest churches.

Downtown Overtown

Overtown was a bustling community in its heyday.

Hate surrounds Overtown

Overtown was a thriving black community but it was surrounded by a sea of hate.


Overtown, Miami, Florida is a tale of two cities: a blossoming cultural center of black Miami that was celebrated as the “Harlem of the South” because of its cultural venues and business activity; and a city that was severely oppressed by city leaders and other forces. GOLDEN SIDE OF THE TRACKS tells the story of Overtown’s rise as an important American community, its struggles to regain its footing after the interstate destroyed a major part of its community in the 1960’s and its battle today against gentrification.