Moonshiners – Oral Histories

Sneak Peak


The Spirits Still Move Them

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Lucas Owens

Sixth-generation Burke County NC moonshiner discusses how moonshine mash got in a major hog farmer’s hog parlor.


Cody Bradford

Cody Bradford and his Yancey County NC family have carried forward the moonshine tradition in this country since the 1700s.

Lewis Oates Jr.

Lewis Oates Jr.’s family were moonshiners and bootleggers. He discusses his family’s history and the lost history of African-American moonshine activities.


There are many hazards of making moonshine in the backwoods. In addition to worrying about the revenuers, the climate and steep slopes, sometimes you must mind the wildlife!

Hauling a load of liquor

Hauling a load of liquor to Knoxville was only done by bootleggers who were tried and tested on handling the roads and keeping the white lightning safe.

Bigfoot Creatures

A Bigfoot creature appears in many cultures’ mythologies. Could moonshiners be promoting its existence for their own reasons?

WNCW Radio interviews filmmaker David Weintraub about his newest documentary, The Spirits Still Move Them.