Where Neon Goes To Die

Friendship Circles

The Lummus Park Friendship Circles featured musical performances of old Yiddish tunes. courtesy of Henry Nagler.

Jacob Schachter, Yiddish radio king

Yiddish radio permeated South Florida airwaves on 6 different stations.

Cinema Theatre

The Cinema Theatre in Miami Beach featured Yiddish theater and vaudeville for almost thirty years.

Lummus Park Performances

Lummus Park was a popular place for performances on Miami Beach. Courtesy of the Andy Sweet family.


For over sixty years, Miami Beach flourished with half a dozen Yiddish theatres, scores of choruses and folksinger groups, literary activity, and more. Then one day it vanished in a fog of disco lights. This is the story of America’s not-too-distant past, when her ethnic communities were the pride of the world. And why it is important to remember..