Support the Center for Cultural Preservation

The Center for Cultural Preservation works to protect and preserve the culture and heritage of the Americas through oral history projects, documentary film and public programs that insure our cultural and natural heritage continues to thrive by educating the public to its power and vitality. Become a part of our mission by giving a donation. Donations of all denominations are greatly appreciated. Donors of $50 or more receive a complimentary DVD of their choice once completed. Donors of $150 or more also have their name in the credits of the both films. Larger donors will be announced on PBS and at screening venues. Download the Center’s brochure here. Contribute online safely and securely on our “donate now” page.

Monthly Giving

The Center offers an option for those who would like to increase their giving, or spread their contributions out over the course of a year. Our monthly giving program allows members to set up an automatic credit card draft with The Center for Cultural Preservation ($10/month minimum) that supports our mission directly.

Matching Gifts

You can increase the value of your donation. Many employers offer matching gift programs that may double or triple your contribution. Check with your human resources department. Fill out any matching gift forms and send it to the Center for Cultural Preservation along with your donation.

Become an Event Sponsor

The Center regularly runs public programs, screenings, workshops and other events that offer golden opportunities for businesses or individuals to get their name out into the community and associate it with a great cause.

Workplace Giving

The Center works with employers and employee associations to establish regular giving opportunities. To find out more about this program as an employer or employee, contact us today.

Honor and Memorial Gifts

A donation to the Center is a great way to honor or remember your friends or loved ones. We’ll recognize your gift and the honoree in our annual report and send a notification to them or their family–just be sure to include their name and address on the donation form. Make an Honor or Memorial Gift.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving is a great way to leave a lasting legacy for our cultural legacies. Those who make planned gifts to the Center are recognized through all of our high-profile work including prominent placement in our PBS/Film Festival film broadcasts and screenings, documented on our printed materials, and announced at major events. To learn more about making this important commitment to conserving our cultural and natural legacies contact us today.