Our Southern Community Radio Interview

David Weintraub discusses the production of the “Call of the Ancient Mariner”.

She Walks in Magic, the film’s theme song, written by David Weintraub and performed by Carol Duermit, Tom Fisch and Michele Skeele

Sea turtles have had a profound spiritual and cultural connection to cultures around the world. Archaelogist Dr. Jack Frazier discusses those connections that many cultures have with turtles globally.

The West African nation of Ghana has a close connection to sea turtles mainly because their cultural history is closely tied to seas turtles.

David Weintraub is the director/producer of the award-winning PBS documentary, Call of the Ancient Mariner. He discusses how the film came about and what sea turtles and sea turtle culture and conservation means for the future of the planet.

Marine Biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols discusses our innate passion for nature and how seas turtles can reinspire that connection.